Diocesan Directory

The sections of the diocesan directory can be downloaded as a PDF. Each will be updated throughout the year. The dates opposite each file shows when it was extracted from the Diocesan database.

PDF's can be searched (Ctl + F on a PC, Cmd + F on a Mac). Many of these files are also bookmarked.

Hard copies are available at cost plus P+P from the Welcome Team at the Diocesan Office. Tel 01473 298500

December 2014
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If you're unsure which Deanery your Parish is in download a copy of the Diocesan Map.

Parish details & PCCs by Deanery

The parish and PCC listings in these sections are designed to be a useful ‘who’s who’. They do not necessarily represent the legal designation recognised by Church authorities.

Bosmere Deanery Ipswich Deanery Saxmundham Deanery
Clare Deanery Ixworth Deanery Stowmarket Deanery
Colneys Deanery Lavenham Deanery Sudbury Deanery
Hadleigh Deanery Loes Deanery Thingoe Deanery
Hoxne Deanery Mildenhall Deanery Waveney and Blyth
Hartismere Deanery Samford Deanery Woodbridge Deanery






These details are produced from the Diocesan database and are correct to the best of our knowledge if a correction needs to be made please email the diocesan office and the amendment will be made in the next edition.